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Willow CoveMany of the conditions of life can leave us hurt, fractured—especially a global pandemic and its consequences. Self-Reclamation: Creating Your New Normal is intended to support participants in embracing and expressing wholeness and renewal through visual art creations and transformation groups. Willow Cove Art and Wellness holds a space to come together in the community, create art, and support one another in the process of mental health recovery. Together, we can explore many art forms: painting, drawing, collage, photography, and others. Our explorations will enable us to know, care for, and heal each other. We will exhibit our art in the community and share our work with the community at large through social media, neighborhood newsletters, and other media that become available. We are not only committed to maintaining a free weekly group as a safe space for creative and reflective work but also to remaining “fearlessly out of line” by celebrating ourselves as creators, thus challenging the stigma that shapes our public conversation about mental illness and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of twelve weeks, Willow Cove will host twelve (12) guided art lessons and (12) transformation group discussions. Alternating between art creation and transformation groups, participants will meet on a designated day every week.